Chennai : The 12th edition of RETICON, India’s biggest annual conference on retina surgery organized by Dr. Agarwal’s Retina Foundation, was held in Chennai today. More than 1,000 ophthalmologists from India and abroad attended the meet to share knowledge about the latest advancements in the diagnosis and management of vitreo-retinal disorders.

Mrs. P. Geetha Jeevan, Hon’ble Minister of Social Welfare & Women Empowerment. Govt. of Tamil Nadu inaugurated the event by lighting the ceremonial lamp.  Prof. Dr Amar Agarwal, Chairman, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals and Dr Ashvin Agarwal, Executive Director & Chief of Clinical Services, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals, addressed the participants on the latest techniques and technology of management of vitreo-retina disorders. The sessions saw a range of specialists speak on topics like medical retina, surgical retina, vitero-retinal surgery and retinal pot pourri. Live surgery was also conducted by surgeons for the benefit of the participants.

Speaking on the occasion, Prof. Dr Amar Agarwal, Chairman, Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals, said:

“The 12th edition of RETICON was a great success, with around 1,000 eye surgeons from India and abroad participating to discuss the latest innovations in vitreo-retinal surgery. With rapid medical advances related to retinal diseases, their management and treatment are becoming much more affordable and effective. However, India suffers from an acute shortfall of skilled experts in retinal ophthalmology. The RETICON conference aims to plug this gap by making the latest advancements and innovations available to all retinal surgeons to improve clinical outcomes.”

Prof. Dr Amar Agarwal added: “Unhealthy lifestyle and excessive smoking are the major causes for retinal diseases in India. These diseases may go unnoticed for a long time, as some of them show no symptoms in early stages. People aged above 40 should take simple tests to examine their vision, by closing one eye and checking for blurred vision. In case of impaired colour vision, decreased contrast or colour sensitivity, patients should consult a retina specialist. All diabetics should keep their blood sugar levels under control. Regular retinal examination in every 6 months is mandatory to detect early changes in retina.” 


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