In a remarkable achievement, Dr. Mehta’s hospitals performed a rare and high-risk pediatric kidney transplant in a child weighing just 9 kilograms, the kidney was donated by his father. The successful procedure was performed in the Chetpet campus of Dr. Mehta’s hospitals in July 2023, and it represents a significant advancement in the field of pediatric renal transplantation.

Due to the high surgical and postoperative risks, children typically only undergo the complicated process of a renal transplant when they reach a weight of 15 kilograms. However, considering the child’s overall well-being and long-term benefits, a team of doctors led by Dr. Sukanya Govindan, senior consultant pediatric nephrologist at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals and Dr. Anil Vaidya, Director, multi-visceral and abdominal organ transplant at MGM healthcare decided that a renal transplant was the best option for the child.

The child, a 3-year-old boy from Cuddalore, was treated with peritoneal dialysis when he was diagnosed with end-stage kidney failure at the age of 9 months. He faced significant medical challenges due to his young age and unique medical needs. The team’s thorough pre-transplant preparation, cutting-edge surgical abilities, and expertise in caring for young children with severe kidney failure were instrumental in achieving a successful outcome.  The team of doctors included Dr. Dinesh Babu, Dr. Senthil Muthuraman, Dr. Nivash Chandrasekaran, Dr. Balamourougane, Dr. Sasidharan, Dr. Dhenesh along with team of renal transplant nurses.

“Small babies have limited space in the abdominal cavity and the main challenge is to accommodate a larger kidney from the adult donor and ensuring a precise vascular anastomosis between the donor kidney and recipient’s small blood vessels is critical for the success of this procedure”, said Dr. Anil Vaidya. “The success of this procedure opens new doors for addressing renal failure in smaller chidlren and reinforces our commitment to advancing the field of pediatric transplantation.”

Dr. Sukanya Govindan said that “small babies are prone to fluid and electrolyte imbalances in the early post-transplant period and managing this in a timely manner is crucial to the maintaining the kidney function. All children require immunosuppressive drugs after transplant and dosing these medications can be challenging in young children due to rapid growth and changing metabolism and increased risk of infections due to low immunity. The child is doing very well and is being closely monitored by our team.”

“The hospital’s multidisciplinary approach, which brought together experts from nephrology, surgery, and critical care, was instrumental in the success of this endeavor. This achievement reflects not only the remarkable capabilities of our medical team but also the resilience of the patient and their family,” said Dr. Edwin Fernando, Head of nephrology at Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals.

“We are committed to providing the best possible care to our pediatric patients, no matter how complex the case may be,” said Dr. Pranav Mehta, Chairman, Dr. Mehta’s Hospitals. “This successful high-risk pediatric renal transplant is a testament to our unwavering dedication to advancing medical science and improving the lives of children in need.”

Dr. Mehta’s hospitals is a renowned medical institution dedicated to providing world-class healthcare to pediatric patients. With a focus on innovation, research, and patient-centered care, the institution is at the forefront of medical advancements in pediatric specialties, including transplantation.


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